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Vegetarian Recipes

There are many health benefits to being a vegetarian. There are lower incidences of colon, stomach and mouth cancer in vegetarians. Plant food is also better for the heart, because it is low in saturated fats and high in fiber. Vegetarians are less likely to have cardiovascular disease and are much less likely to get type-two diabetes.

But being a vegetarian means that you need to monitor what you eat much more closely. You also need to know what types of food contain the essential vitamins and minerals the body is going to need to successfully function. Knowing vegetarian recipes that contain these foods will help you stay energized and enjoy all of the health benefits you receive from being vegetarian. Let's take a look at the foods every vegetarian should be eating.

Green leaves

We realize that most people will squirm in their seat at the thought of consuming green leaves. But trust us, they are really tasty. Sautéed kale or beet leaves are delicious. Boil the leaves for just a few minutes, drain them, rinse them under cold water, and squeeze out the excess fluid and chop. Fry them with some olive oil, garlic and black pepper: astounding.

Not only are green leaves very tasty they also contain healthy amounts of iron. Iron consumption is a concern for vegetarians. No matter what vegetarian recipes you are making, ensure that you are also having a healthy side dish of sautéed green leaves.


These are a vegetarian's main source of protein. Although nuts are high in calories, studies have proven that they do not lead to weight gain. You are also less likely to overeat with nuts because they fill you up so quickly. A staple of the vegetarian cookbook is the nut roast vegetarian recipe. Be aware that different nuts contain different nutrients. For example, Almonds provide four times as much fiber as cashews and cashews contain twice as much zinc and iron as any other nut. Get nutty, it is the way of the vegetarian.

Just remember: being a vegetarian does not have to be a compromise on taste.